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African bellies

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African bellies is a project with which we want to present the work of our organization Kolajna ljubavi to students in elementary schools and introduce them to the way of life of children in St. Anthonys orphanage in Tanzania (Africa).

Out goal is to awake the importance, meaning and need for the basic supplies, food, water, electric current, which are not so common in some parts of the world.

We invite you to involve in to fund raising for the children in orphanage with your own work and devotion.

Project is intended to gather funds for life in the orphanage. That life would be better when each child would in the future have insured meat meal two times a week and ones per week some fish, three times a week a glas of milk, some fruit and bread...

You can help us!

We invite you to involve in the project, because with only small engagement students will learn how they can help their peers on the other side of the world. That way we want to enchourage them to think about value of the food, its unavailability and quality.

On your "hour of classmates" students can thing about the ways to get involved in to the project and gather some money for the african children. Their thoughts and advices will be the most valuable part of the project, and to them it will light up the term ofg volunteeringand bring personal satisfaction. In the project you can also get involved by:

  • making of and selling souvenirs
  • promoting the project in your enviroment
  • organizing auctions of old things and childrens art work...
Afrički trbuščići Kolajna ljubavi
Afrički trbuščići Kolajna ljubavi

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